Forget me not is an Atelier based in Lugano and Bologna, which creates handcrafted jewelry using pearls, beads and semi–precious stones, and combines this with photography. The project developed by me breaks down, exchanges and rearranges words and makes them move freely in space and on supports: the concept resumes the creation of jewels where, starting from many small scattered elements, an ordered and united series of pearls or beads is created through a wire. I then developed images of flowers and leaves using the negative frame technique. The paper with which some supports were made was created by hand (on commission): it is 100% recycled but above all it contains seeds to plant. For the purely communicative part, I chose to adopt two languages: Italian and English. English as a universal language and attributable to the name of the atelier itself, and Italian, which combines the place of creation and origin of the jewels.