Copy–Paste is a Zine born from a frenetic copy paste. It is a collective magazine, born from the cmd+p of several people. Not a word here is my property. It is not intended. It is not sought. There simply is. In the end this is just modern society, so who cares! The texts within the Zine have not been selected or detailed. All the texts are uniquely the fruit of a dispassionate cmd c cmd p. We didn’t even make a commitment to search, as all the texts were submitted by others. Definitions, shopping lists, plans for the day, warnings, poems, we have a bit of everything. For images it works like this: take the texts, paste them on google, and voilà, one of the first images will be the one selected! This Zine is also a collaboration between people involved in visual and design. It is a space to dare (or not to dare) and do what you want, freely. Without rules. The concept is to lay out content that is not totally owned by us, in a totally incorrect way. The idea comes from me, and is aimed at creating something devoid of authentic material. The following layouts are all made by me.