During the design weeks at the CSIA in Lugano, we were asked to create a catalog for the cantonal poster archive, which would be divided into several volumes. The first volume [1] concerned the Posters of the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich: it arose from the need to catalog and present to the public the posters preserved for years in the Archive, but until now remained in large drawers or cardboard tubes. From this, I focused on the concept of the Archive: a cataloging, a subdivision, an order, a categorization, a systematic collection, a document or support inserted inside a drawer or a closed space for the purpose of cataloging. And on the concept of Catalog: file cabinet, table, list, list, a search–oriented entry by criteria, module. The project therefore develops on the concept of an information dossier, which gives a sense of a file bound with metal hooks, becoming dynamic and customizable. To accentuate this point, the cover of the catalog includes a “pocket” door where the paper materials (flyers, posters, postcards) of the proposed exhibitions can be placed. The entire volume is then bound with an elastic.