The M EDEs is a peaceful and non-partisan youth and student movement, born in Lugano, focused on social evolution and human rights in Switzerland. The main objective of the MEDEs lies in spreading more information and awareness through art, design, sharing and free, collective and creative expression. I, together with the other guys in the collective, organize the exhibitions and projects. I also deal with the management of social networks, the web page, and I have developed the coordinated identity design of the movement. Find more information on instagram or on the website. Diritti umani in Svizzera exhibition stems from an idea of the collective M EDEs. The exhibition took place at Spazio Morel, in Lugano, and combined different perceptions and thoughts through artistic and creative projects created by artists, students, adults and children through a competition. The entire organization of the exhibition was managed by me together with the other guys in the collective. The development of the graphic design was carried out in collaboration with rœsti collective. More information on