Archive eglise is a photography and web project. A technological innovation breaks the privileges of a caste by opening the possibility of a gesture to a new population. We are a new barbarian population. The Barbarians are characterized by an instinct for secularism that pulverizes the sacred into a myriad of lighter and more prosaic intensities. A mutation. Tons of oral, irrational, esoteric culture that no printed book has ever been able to contain, we put it online. However, to enter that huge cauldron, it had to simplify and even demean itself to become easily accessible and public. To be available to the mass. To belong to everyone. However, the network is not an innocent container that hosts knowledge, but a form that modifies, distorts, and transforms information in order to then share it, disseminate it, freely, without control. The communication revolution has influenced the perceptions of the Church, as well as having an impact on turnout and collective thinking. The constant availability of images and ideas, and their rapid transmission around the world, have profound consequences on the religious landscape. This can affect the perception and transmission of values, world views, ideologies and religious beliefs. There is also concern that many churches believe the Internet cannot replace personal worship in a community. Critics believe virtual worship separates followers from spiritual essentials found in Christian brick and mortar churches. The digital divide creates a dualism, based on access, or lack of access to, new information and communication technologies. I therefore embarked on a research, a journey in stages. I wanted to immerse myself in the lack of information resources, understand the missing pieces in my analysis of the context. Photographing the difficulties, the unexpected, that this lack of information has caused me. Tap into and immerse myself in mysticism, in the halo of mystery, in the secrecy of religion. In an attempt to get away from the barbarian horde. In saving oneself from mutation and deformation. In avoiding looting. In its protection.