Over the years, Casa Gaby has served as a meeting place and identification point for a political tradition currently embodied by the Communist Party. It has also favored social aggregation, supporting progressive political realities and consolidating a climate of closeness around the Party. The militants of the Communist Party -and in particular those of the Locarno section-, have contributed to the maintenance of the spaces and their improvement. Casa Gaby remains one of the few small "houses" in a high-density residential neighborhood, surrounded by tall buildings of more recent construction. The building, donated to the Party by the militant Gabriella "Gaby" Antognini, will be demolished and rebuilt: all the times spent in that building and all the fights started from those walls will be remembered.
This edition wishes to safeguard and archive the memory, to engrave in time to relive and understand it. A collection of traces, memories, books and objects, contained in the walls of Gaby Antognini's house. With Luca Riva.