Anthropic Genesis of the new Sphere is the name of the project that I decided to develop for Creation, culture and art. My project wishes to explore a Universe shaped by the human being and structured on the basis of digital schemes, numerical systems and algorithmic logics. This new Genesis presents the inverse process of origin, which becomes anthropic, as "I", a human being, models the new reality in an omnipotent way. The world itself within the title (Anthropic Genesis of the new Sphere) I define as Sphere, since my new Earth is based on the aseptic and formal action of artificial intelligence. Anthropic Genesis of the new Sphere presents the opposition to the extremely harmonious aesthetics of flora and fauna, to the naturalness and fluidity of its development through the opposing representation of the new world, developed through the sterile mechanical nature of a resumption of structural rules with purely artificial. The human being is naively unaware of the modularity of the Universe, therefore all the creations that surround him are considered as the fruit of his superiority: yet nature has preceded human intelligence for millennia. Every single calculation necessary to make a certain element in nature already exists but, unlike what is supposed by human megalomania, it is the universe that creates and models the structural and mathematical rules of the immense game in which we live. I therefore investigated the inversion of conventions, and to do this, I started with the creation of simple fractal shapes.